Chris Kemp

Hi, I'm Chris. I was a healthy baby until the day after I was born. My lungs collapsed and I didn't get enough oxygen to my brain which caused me to have cerebral palsy. The doctors in Connecticut where I was born told my Mom that I wouldn't live past a month old and that if I did live I wouldn't be anything but a "vegetable". Well, I graduated #56/373 out of my class back in 2006 with a 4.0, where I did one semester of college and got a 3.0.

I love to do 5k's 10's half marathons, marathons, and going on bike rides with friends. I did my first visit to Half Ironman in Lubbock on June 30, 2019.

Doing a Half Ironman was just a dream when I met Ed a few years ago. He told me that if I ever wanted to do an Ironman that I would have to get my own chair and he would do it with me. So fast forward a year or so later I had raised the money for my own chair. Ed had been doing Ironman after Ironman so he got an email from Ironman Lubbock and forwarded it to me so that I could look into it.

After a couple of months of emailing the director back and forth, I finally got the ok to do it after we had a conference call in 2019. We both got too hot and I had to have an iv when we were through but the overall experience of the Ironman was excellent and one that I'll never forget.

I’ve also done three Spartans with Special Compass. I also attempted Ironman Waco in October but we had mechanical difficulties so we weren’t able to finish it. I’ve also done one-Half Ironman with Jeff and we’re also doing Ironman Texas in April. I don't let anything or anyone stop me from doing what I want.

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