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Volunteers give helping hands to modify home for wheelchair married couple

SUNRISE, FL., Jan 23, 2021 – Jessika and Reynaldo Maiz both live with spinal cord injuries in their home in Sunrise, FL. Navigating one wheelchair in a home is challenging, but 2 wheelchairs can add stress to the daily functions of working from home and life management. On Saturday, Jan 23, 2021, volunteers from Special Compass, a local non-profit serving the disabled community, will begin a 3-day home make-over to help them live more comfortably and improve their quality of life in their home. Day 1 will include, building a fence around the yard, painting the interior and removing landscaping. Day 2 will include expanding their master bedroom into their guest bedroom. Day
3 will include building a patio to cover 75% of their yard. This will give them freedom to navigate throughout their property and home and improve their quality of life. The home make-over will kick off at 730am where teams will specialize in various areas to safely and efficiently work together.

Triangle Services of Fort Lauderdale is sponsoring the supplies for the bedroom construction. Edge Construction of Broward is providing the design and supplies for the patio build as well as expert advice on the bedroom build. Broward County Fence is building the fence around the perimeter of the house. Volunteers are bringing tools and materials needed for the project.

Jessika and Reynaldo have different stories about how they suffered their unique spinal cord injuries, but their situation has not stopped them from contributing to their community. Jessika is an ambassador for Wings for Life, a non-profit that supports spinal cord injured people. Reynaldo supports Jessika 100% and attends all her functions. They both work full-time inside their home.

Special Compass President and Founder Michael Sayih, who is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy learned about their housing situation from Jessika. Michael stepped into action and recruited supporters of Special Compass to help at no cost to Jessika.

About Special Compass
Special Compass is a Non-Profit, 501-C-3 organization. Its 100% volunteer staff envisions a world in which differently-abled people have the opportunity to fully participate in a wide range of community and athletic activities while building friendships, enhancing their confidence, sense of purpose and fulfillment. Special Compass does this by pairing volunteer “Power Buddies” with people who are not able to propel themselves, so they can experience the thrill and camaraderie of crossing the finish line as part of a team. The benefits are reciprocal, as Power Buddies feel the love for those they tow.

MEDIA NOTE: Media interested in covering Special Compass at the construction site should contact Jim Sayih at 305-297-5328 or Jim@SpecialCompass.Org

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