John R. Daley

John Daley is the founding partner at Daley Group, LLC. John is known for being an expert on turnarounds of small to midsize companies, developing leadership teams that increase productivity and sales

A Leadership Communications and Influence Expert.

John is a unique specialist in the art of strategy, collaboration, and interpersonal skills. All three of these are intertwined in everything he delivers and achieves. John’s innovative approach, influence, and emotional intelligence have driven him to successfully deliver business development, human resources, change management, process improvement, and overall business results the last 35 years of his career.

John's expertise is in Consumer Goods, Life Science, Chemical, Medical Capital Equipment and Pharmaceutical Industries. John has over 25 years in critical care medicine and research. He also has expertise in Sales, Marketing, HR, Organizational Development, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain Management. John has had several years of success doing turn arounds.

He is passionate about developing a Culture of Performance. John is considered a leading coach of executives globally from CEO's to Sales Leaders. John has helped hire and train over 2000 top sales managers and sales professionals world wide. He also has merged organizations and several sales teams together to improve performance and minimize cultural challenges

John, as a leading executive coach, has successfully worked with over 500 senior executives since 2007 on how to grow their value to their value to their company.

John has taken the lead for 5 non profits to get them back to financial health including merging two of them. They included 2 Children's organizations, ALS of Greater St Louis and The Endangered Wolf Sanctuary.

John has successfully worked with CEO's and their executive teams in over 80 businesses for the last 30 years in various high tech, medical and life sciences companies. John is a proven organizational development professional. He started his first successful business at the age 18, a Skelly Station. And successfully built several more.

John is married to his wife Kathy of 39 years, has four Sons and one Granddaughter and Grandson.

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