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The Happy Customer Podcast: Jim Sayih | Beyond the Badge: Special Compass, Bodybuilding & Service

The happy customer channel

In this compelling episode of The Happy Customer Channel, we sit down with Jim Sayih, a man whose life reads like a chapter from an epic novel. From flexing muscles as a competitive bodybuilder to enforcing the law with the Miami Police Department, and later founding the impactful nonprofit organization, Special Compass, Jim’s journey is nothing short of inspirational.

Join us as Jim shares tales from his days in the Air Force, his journey as a weight lifter and bodybuilder, serving the community in nutrition and fitness, and lessons learned through overcoming challenges in life. We delve into how faith and fitness have shaped his approach to life and leadership. Whether you’re looking for motivation in your fitness journey, wisdom in handling life’s challenges, or inspiration from someone who’s truly made a difference, this episode has something for you.

Tune in to “Beyond the Badge: Special Compass, Bodybuilding, and Service” and discover the remarkable story of a man who’s lived multiple lives in one.

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